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Media Planning

millennials-graphic-600Enter EXL Media. Your media planning agency. We will help you create a strategic media plan that capitalizes on opportunities and helps you achieve your campaign goals. If you have an existing media plan, we will analyze it for effectiveness and identify areas where improvements can be made to increase your results and cost efficiency.

Following our thorough understanding of your goals, products or services and target markets (demographic and geographic), we create a planning outline which includes detailed strategies.

Our agency helps clients build awareness, drive ROI and make smarter, more successful media decisions by asking tough questions like:

  • Does the media audience mirror your target audience?
  • Does the media reach your geographic market?
  • Does the media reach beyond your target area?
  • Does the media mix adequately deliver on advertising goals?
  • Does the media selection fit within your budget?
  • Does the media mix deliver your message at each stage of the consumer purchase decision path?
  • Does the media align with the brand and creative messaging?

From strategy to campaign execution, from results measurement to fine-tuning of your media plan, our comprehensive services give you a solid foundation to help move your advertising forward with momentum. Being highly in tune with industry trends and insider strategies, as well as being mindful of your budget, helps us deliver the right plan for you!

Research Markets

At EXL Media we understand that results oriented campaigns are paramount; that’s why we subscribe to both qualitative and quantitative research. We purchase broadcast using the Nielsen TV and Audio rating service and subscribe to Smartplus media planning/buying software. We use market specific research to ensure that we have the knowledge necessary to properly and effectively evaluate and buy any market we enter.