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How We Deliver

With more than 20 years experience in the media industry, EXL Media designs and executes cost-effective media campaigns that successfully reach the designated target market. What is our secret?

Media In Motion

Staying on top of media trends is our passion. EXL Media's CEO and Founder Wendy Hummer offers research, insight and practical tips for the thrilling, chameleon-like world of media. Follow her media blog.
The Masters of Media in Motion

Buying advertising without media savvy is like being lost in a bustling metropolis without GPS. Devoid of clear direction, your product or service can get lost in the alleys of our ever-changing, media- saturated world. While media is powerful and exciting because it is always in motion, it can also be challenging for the same reason. EXL Media’s goal is to bring clarity and direction to those who expect superior results and maximum return on investment for their advertising dollars.

EXL Media specializes in media buying, media planning, advertising research, and measuring advertising results. We’re experts at developing leading-edge strategies designed to identify and match audiences with media types. Our experience, media resources and insider contacts help deliver the right advertising, in the right media, to the right audience, at the right price.