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Media Analytics, Results and Reporting

Tracking the success of our buys through media analytics is something we take seriously at EXL Media.

Throughout the life of the campaign and at its completion, our agency reconciles the buys to verify that they run as ordered. We provide full media campaign performance reports that include: media spend, value, delivery, promotion recaps and campaign highlights.  The report includes top media performers, optimizations, as well as media buys that we would not recommend in the future. These analytics are key in our approach.

EXL Media offers digital campaign reporting on a regular basis. This includes cost per click, conversion, and  ROI (when applicable). We measure the effectiveness of traditional media against internet placements, and how they work together to improve overall campaign performance against your advertising dollars.

Additionally, we collect data from website analytics software, customer surveys, and lead reports to determine the impact that each media placement has on your web visits, generated leads and revenue.

EXL Media has a strong working knowledge of current web analytics software, including Google Analytics, Webtrends and Site Catalyst. We will work with your marketing team to build custom reports and dashboards to measure advertising effectiveness in relation to website visits.